Monday, May 8, 2017

an FYI

Do you know the name Adrienne Vittadini??
Don't worry....not many people heard of that name, until it became linked to "Ivanka Trump". Yes, many of the products you see out there in your local "discount" stores with this name are actually Ivanka Trump designs.
Whether it be due to family scandals, her fathers wrong doings, poor sales, or general Trump backlash, her products have been quickly leaving the larger retail stores and heading to the discount markets.
Possibly due to some of these issues as well as being seen in "discount", the Trump label has started being removed and replaced with that of "Adrienne Vittadini.
Word of this has been quite well circulated and many articles written. One such example is this one in the Washington Times.
I personally discovered some of the products with this name at a discount store nearby.
Now...if there actually is an Adrienne Vittadini out there designing products, I bet she's a bit upset.
Anyway, I felt that I would extend a little FYI for those who didn't know of this.
So now, whether you're a supporter or can make an educated decision.
You can choose to either boycott the products with her name or this "other" name, or you can run to your discount store to scoop up a deal on a product you're interested in.
Either "you can choose".