Monday, October 17, 2016

Let's get this party started

Welcome aboard.
I hope that you'll enjoy the posts yet to come. I decided to create this blog in anticipation of my future visit to the 2017 Consumer Electronic Show in Vegas!!
Normally it is only available to the industry folk. Yep....I've always wanted to go but never would have gotten in due to that small, but important detail.
Well....things have changed. No...I'm still not part of the industry...but I have a daughter who is!!!
This is how I'm finally getting my long time wish. And it's all legit too!! sneaking around or getting fake credentials!!
The people at the company she represents have actually decided to use me as a "consumer" to take some pics and give reviews from a consumers perspective!!
Soo....I will be given my own credentials and have a job to do......sooo cool. Can you tell I'm excited??!!!
I's not until that's why I'm here.  To get you all warmed up ahead of time.
You'll be able to share my fun at the show....but until then...I will give you my thoughts, opinions, and advise along the way on other things until we get there.
So, thanks for joining me and I hope we can take this consumer journey together!

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