Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A moment about prescriptions

While I was about to continue with more posting about the CES, today gave me pause and I felt the need to take a moment and say a brief word about prescriptions, and the issues of getting refills without breaking the bank.
Before I tell you about today specifically, let me take a moment to bring you up to date on what I've been through with this issue. I'll keep it short, but pay attention, you may find a few tips to save you some money.
I've been taking synthroid (not the generic form) for many years now. There was a time when I went through my husbands health care provider, but they seemed to only pay a few dollars on the cost and would not fill my entire 90 day prescription all at once. I was forced to fill it every 30 days. I let this go for a while and discovered over time that AAA would cover just as much if I use them. Didn't seem right that my auto card would pay as much (several dollars) on my meds.
Well...I decided to go ahead and say "give me my full 90 days and I'll pay it myself". Figured since I was barely saving anything at all, I may as well get the full amount and not keep going back and forth. To my surprise, leaving the middle man out of it and paying myself, the price was lowered!!!
Yes, they up the price for the health coverage which is almost non-existent, and it turns out I can pay less without it.
Well...that's the way it went for some time, until this past year when I noticed the price continuing to go up. It went up so high in large amounts that I was getting quite concerned. I mean, this is a medication I have no option but to take.
So, here we are at the events of today. The health coverage that my husband gets through his work had changed to a new provider at the beginning of this year. Since I now needed a refill on this med I called the new provider to inquire on what, if any, my coverage would be if I went through them.
It was his response that made me nearly fall off my chair. He quoted me a price per refill that was more than 3 times the price I've already been paying!! Really?? I admit I laughed out loud when he said this.
I explained that I've already been paying less than a third of that, out of pocket, and found it hard to believe that with their "coverage" I'd be paying sooo much more!  His response, "well, it may not be that much, but it "could" be that price". What??  I said again that I couldn't believe I'd be charged that much, and again, he said "well, it could be that much".
I mean really, am I supposed to roll the dice and see just how much I'm charged at the end?? I couldn't get any more direct answer than that. Wow.
So, I did what any good consumer would do.
I went online to "Good Rx" and found a coupon. Most pharmacies would honor them even for another pharmacy. I then took that coupon to my pharmacy along with my bottle to refill (out of pocket), and in 15 mins. I had my refill.
The cost to me? $270 LESS than I was being told by the health provider. In fact, even $50 less than I'd been paying without that coupon.
So, health care coverage or online coupon??
I can tell you what I've chosen. Now, it's up to you. Ask questions and be informed.

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